Variable Rapid Charger - Onewheel XR

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A revolutionary new solution for your charging needs! Our Variable Rapid Charger provides you a tremendous amount of flexibility in one simple package.

Need a lightning-quick charge while you’re out on the town? Turn it up to get the juice you need. Home for the night? Turn it down for a super healthy and slow charge. The possibilities are endless!

With 5 charging modes and international adaptability, it is the most robust all-in-one charger on the market for your Onewheel XR.


  • 5 charging modes - 2 amp, 4 amp, 5 amp, 6 amp, and 8 amp
  • Set charge target - 80%, 90%, 100% (When set to 80 or 90, the charger will not stop but reduce to a trickle and alert you)
  • Active Cooling
  • Built for maximum durability
  • Can charge faster than our other fast charger!
  • Tried and tested
  • Ground pin on outlet plug 


  • Universal 110-220v
  • 2-8 Amp charging rate.
  • 227.5mm x 90mm x 56.5mm
  • 1.25 kg

How to use:

Plug the charger in on both sides before you turn it on. Turn the charger off before you unplug it.

Any other method can result in early plug degradation due to charging arc.


Using ANY Fast charger on your Onewheel WILL degrade your battery quicker. Keep this in mind when using the fast charge options.