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The Ranger - Super73 Battery Upgrade (S2, R, & RX) The Ranger CNR - Super73 Z1 Battery Upgrade The Ranger ZXE - Super73 ZX Edition Battery Upgrade Super Fast Charger - For the Super73 (S2, R, & RX) Super 73 Z1 Mini Fast Charger

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Super73 Upgrades

Summer 2021 brought the all new Ranger Series Batteries, alongside a new collection of Fast Chargers.

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Sur-Ron Variable Rapid Charger (60v) Variable Rapid Charger - Onewheel XR Sur-Ron Variable Rapid Charger (72v) Variable Rapid Charger - Onewheel Pint Variable Rapid Charger - Compatible for Onyx Motorbikes

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Variable Chargers

Our Variable Rapid Charger provides you a tremendous amount of flexibility in one simple package. Need a lightning-quick charge while you’re out on the town? Turn it up to get the juice you need. Home for the night? Turn it down for a super healthy and slow charge.

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Better batteries built better. ChiBattery systems is the only way to go when it come to battery upgrades. No more range anxiety. No more wearing a battery pack. My only worry is if I will be able to keep up with this battery. I’m up to the challenge. Get your and become the champion on the longest rides. Thank you ChiBatterySystems.

Richard Salcedo

Amazing products, fast shipping, and great service! They are adding so much to the PEV community! Highly recommend, and will always suggest their solutions for range anxiety 🤙

Robert Preston

Great Surron batteries. I have piece of mind that these guys did it right. That's important when the battery is between your legs at 60mph.

Carter Benson

The products are made in the US with incredible precision and super awesome high tech safety methods. I haven't had an issue but anyone who has has had the best tech support I've ever heard of. I love what they're doing and how they are helping you get the most out of your electric vehicle.

Iain Searcy

Excellent service. Excellent price. Excellent products. ChiBatterySystems is the real deal. I love all my ChiBatterySystems products. I cannot recommend them enough.

Christopher Sanzeri