Who We Are

ChiBatterySystems exists to create new value and utility for the commuter, hobbyist, inventor, adventurer, and everyday person. As industry leaders in the light electric vehicle world, we recognize the increased importance of right to repair and the fight against consumable electronics. 

In the age of battery technology, the consumer has limited access to custom battery solutions, and we proudly serve as that resource. Whether that means replacement batteries, higher capacity batteries, fast charging options, or retrofitting old devices. We consistently work to develop new solutions as problem solvers.

Starting with no investors and entirely self funded, we have seen significant growth over the last three years. Our current goals include hiring additional specialized staff, continued implementation of automation into our manufacturing processes, and growth in our ability to serve both individual consumers and businesses. To meet our ambitions we have recently purchased and moved into a new 30,000sqft headquarters in Chicago Heights, IL. All of our operations are in the United States, where we are able to offer flexibility, favorable lead times, and sourcing networks for our clients. Our highly trained team has brought us through a number of exciting projects and we have had the pleasure of working with many different organizations. Alongside light electric vehicles, we manufacture for applications in: robotics, drones, military, mobile home power, recall aid, and personal / engineering projects.

Our team was brought together through our shared interest and passion in light electric vehicles, right to repair and environmental sustainability. We are incredibly proud to have our solutions being used in over 30 countries around the world and are excited to continue expanding our offerings. The light electric vehicle community is where we found our footing and is continually important as we grow. From the individual to your business, ChiBatterySystems is here to be your solution.