Gladiator 72 Surge - 40ah Sur-Ron Battery
Gladiator 72 Surge - 40ah Sur-Ron Battery
Gladiator 72 Surge - 40ah Sur-Ron Battery
Gladiator 72 Surge - 40ah Sur-Ron Battery
Gladiator 72 Surge - 40ah Sur-Ron Battery
Gladiator 72 Surge - 40ah Sur-Ron Battery
Gladiator 72 Surge - 40ah Sur-Ron Battery

Gladiator 72 Surge - 40ah Sur-Ron Battery

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This Battery is made to order and is expected to ship in 2-4 weeks after purchase. Lead times vary based on order volume and we will try our best to beat our fulfillment estimate. Thanks for understanding! 

Meet the Gladiator 72 Surge, our collaboration with Surge Stunts. Totally drop in, NO LID EXTENSIONS REQUIRED! Designed for Stunt Riders, but great for Sur-ron riders of all kinds! Unlock tons of new potential by upgrading to a 72V system and take your riding experience to the next level! 

The 72 Surge comes in a steel enclosure, which is built in-house starting with a sheet of raw steel that is bent, welded, powder coated, and laser engraved by our highly trained fabrication team. Features an injection molded lid with top mounted discharge wires. The in-depth display allows the rider to be completely in tune with the battery. The display includes figures for Percentage, Voltage, Capacity (Amp Hours), battery temperature, Amps and Watts.

How does it stand in our lineup? 

The 72 Surge sets itself apart from the rest of our batteries by being the only true "stock fit" battery, meaning there are no lid extensions required. In addition, the 72 Surge features a thick 18awg steel case for additional protection and durability. 

The 72 Surge can provide 15KW of real-world continuous power, providing great flexibility for your power needs. If you are looking for a higher power 72V battery, check out our 72 Compact (22KW continuous) and 72 Max (30KW 

continuous). If you’re mostly looking for range, or do not intend to buy an aftermarket controller, take a look at our Gladiator 60 Series offerings!

This battery is a higher voltage and requires the use of an aftermarket controller to make it compatible, as well as a 72V charger. 

Order cancelation requests after 72 hours are subject to a 25% re-stocking fee. All battery sales outside of the lower 48 are final and cannot be refunded or returned. Battery servicing for Hawaii customers is outsourced to a local repair center. If you are having issues with a product please reach out to our support team.


Stock size drop-in that can provide over 3x the power output and ~20% more speed compared to your stock battery. Includes new custom Chi LED display, original Sur-Ron charge/discharge connector, reinforced carrying handle, injection molded battery cap, and 18awg steel case. The display includes figures for Percentage, Voltage, Capacity (Amp Hours), battery Temperature, Amps and Watts. 

The 72 Surge is built in-house using grade A 21700 cells with a Smart BMS. It can deliver 200 Amps of continuous discharge and 360 Amps peak. Pure nickel is used in construction, allowing the battery to run at staggeringly high efficiency and eliminating the possibility of overheating. Cell groups are isolated for superior durability, and impact resistance. 


Add On

QS8 Bike Harness:

This is a harness cable upgrade for your Sur-Ron, replacing the OEM bike harness

to provide higher current capability. Comes with a Male QS8 connector with 7 AWG. This harness cable is not used with the Sur-Ron breaker, which can be removed from the bike, giving you more space for wire routing.  The harness comes with an inline fuse pre-installed. Meant to be paired with the QS8 connector version of this battery. 

How to correctly use the connectors: Plug in the first half of the connector for 3-5 seconds to allow for the filter capacitors to pre charge before making the full connection.

Variable Rapid Charger 72V - Optional Add-On (100-120v only):

Revolutionary solution for your charging needs! Our Variable Rapid Charger provides you a tremendous amount of flexibility in one simple package. Need a lightning-quick charge while you’re out on the town? Turn it up to get the juice you need. Home for the night? Turn it down for a super healthy and slow charge. 

  • 5 charging modes - 2 amp, 4 amp, 6 amp, 8 amp, and 10 amp
  • Set charge target - 80%, 90%, 100%
  • Active Cooling,, tried and tested, ground pin on outlet plug


With leading build processes, a highly trained staff, and top of the line equipment, our batteries are built to be superior in safety and reliability. Utilizing unique build techniques such as cell-level fusing, our products meet the highest standards of safety available - we do not cut any corners.


Our dedicated customer service team ensures you will always receive the quickest and most comprehensive service and support available for your battery. As the largest dedicated PEV battery manufacturer in the U.S.A., we offer the fastest delivery times, all over the globe.


Do It Yourself! All of our products are designed so that you can install your new battery from the comfort of your own home. Just follow our guides to learn how. Longer rides are on the other side of the door - and we give you the key!

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Additional Info / Disclaimers

We test all of our batteries thoroughly with comprehensive QC measures before shipping to prevent any DOA's or issues. We cannot offer a warranty on your OEM device as our battery is an aftermarket modification, all units are tested before shipping. Use of our battery will void your vehicles warranty with the OEM manufacturer.

*This is a genuine ChiBatterySystem product. Use of brand names such as Onewheel, Super73, Evolve, ETC., are for purposes of identifying the application of this product and does not indicate any affiliation, endorsements, license or other association with the aforementioned product.