ChiGauge Display for the XR

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Ride Style

The ChiGauge is the perfect add on for your CBXR so you no longer have to check your app to see your battery percentage! Mounts right to the side rail.

Updated Features:

  • Hyper accurate percent readings based off of rider feedback
  • Improved resistance to splash
  • New T-Taps for easier installation
  • Redesigned housing and material
  • Silicon wire for flexibility and durability
  • Can fit on wheels with previously installed ChiGauges
  • About same size as original

Installation Guide

For the most accurate reading, view this display when you are dismounted from the board. This display measures your voltage, so while in motion (under load) the percentage will not give as accurate a picture of your battery percent. Not meant for wet riding conditions, we do not recommend riding in them.