Understanding Range and How To Get The Most out of Your EV

If you’re looking to get the most range out of your personal electric vehicle, there are a few simple steps you can take. First, make sure the battery has a full charge before each ride. This will ensure you have the maximum amount of range possible.If your battery utilizes a smart BMS (which you can find in products like the Chibatterysystems Ranger, Rebel, Gladiator, and Titan) give your cell levels a once over and make sure everything is in balance. For Onewheel users, you may be able to use apps such as The Onewheel Community Edition App (OWCE).
Second, keep your vehicle clean and well-maintained. Dirt, debris, and a lack of proper lubrication can impact battery efficiency, reducing range. You will want to check your tire pressure as well. The more deflated (softer) tires will result in increased rolling resistance. It is also important to be mindful of your bearing health. If your bearings are old or worn they can also add rolling resistance. In some cases this can become dangerous if they aren't maintained and fail during use. The smoother your vehicle operates, the less work the battery has to do to keep you going.
Third, is speed and power monitoring. The more speed and power you use the quicker your battery will drain. If maximum range is your goal make sure you are keeping a steady moderate speed. Be mindful of how you accelerate from a full stop. High power usage from activities such as stunt riding or off-roading can drain the battery faster. Where and how you ride will impact how much battery life you consume.
Finally, avoid extreme weather conditions whenever possible. Extreme cold or heat can reduce battery performance. Make sure to always take this into consideration when heading out for a ride. In freezing temps a battery that can handle 30+ miles might reduce to a 20 mile or less ride. Riding in high winds will also make a difference. Traveling in the same direction as wind you can see range improvements, but while going against the wind you will see a reduction. That is why it's always handy to have a fast charger on you. Chibatterysystems offers many types of fast and variable charging options that can help get you charged up and back on the road.

Calculating Range

The question "how many miles of range can I get from this battery" is often on a riders mind. While it seems like it should be a simple answer, calculating the range of an Electric Vehicle (EV) is a complex task. There are many factors that can affect the range of an EV - even between riding sessions. These include:
  • Where you ride: Different types of terrain effect how a battery can drain. Uneven terrain and steep inclines in situations such as off road riding may use the battery up quicker than riding on the street or on a paved track. The more complicated/demanding the terrain, the more power you draw.
  • How you ride: Each person has their own unique riding style. Whether that be stunt riding, trail riding, off roading, street riding, racing etc., each riding style utilizes the batteries capacity in different ways. Those who street ride may notice that they're getting more range than someone who is riding off road.
  • Who you are: We are all built different. Weight can play a factor in how much range you are able to get. The less weight you are adding to your vehicle the more range you are going to get. This applies especially to accelerating and braking.
  • The conditions you ride in: Climate/weather conditions play a huge part in how much range you can get. Like we mentioned above, extreme heat and freezing temperatures will decrease your range and performance.
Because of these factors, determining the exact range of a battery can't be precisely calculated. Each rider has their own experience and how they ride will impact the type of range they will see. The best way to make sure you have enough range to get to where you need to go is to get to know your battery. Test rides and monitoring your battery's capacity will help you understand your typical range. If you feel like you are not getting enough range and you are following all these steps, check out the battery upgrades offered at Chibatterysystems. Many can double your current range you are getting with your stock vehicle. Can't find what you are looking for? Reach out to the support team and let them know you want to see an upgrade for your vehicle.

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