CB+ - Onewheel Plus & V1 Battery Upgrade

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This Battery is made to order and is expected to ship in 1-3 weeks after purchase.

The CB+ is all about:

  • Massive range revival - Bring your Plus or V1 up to speed!
  • Increased power - More torque to push your board to new limits
  • Durability & Safety - Throw your board around without fear
  • Longevity - Made to last and backed by our support team
  • Community - Ride more with your friends, have more adventures! We are happy to be extending group rides all around the world!

    The Benefits:

    • Get stock Onewheel XR Range (Over double your current range)
    • Includes new charger that charges to full in about 1 hour 15 minutes
    • Discharge the battery fully with no issues! When empty the board will give pushback and set you down. No need to worry about controller shut-offs like other batteries on the market!
    • Integrated Battery Management System
    • Increase in board security due to hidden on-off switch.
    • Works for both the Onewheel Plus and the V1
    • More cycle life than the stock Plus pack!


    • Known working on ALL Onewheel Plus and V1 hardware versions!


    IMPORTANT: The CB+ MUST be turned off when not in use (even when not installed). Failure to turn off the CB+ may result in irreparable damage. 


    Do It Yourself! All of our products are designed so that you can install your new battery from the comfort of your own home. Just follow our guides to learn how. Longer rides are on the other side of the door - and we give you the key!


    With leading build processes, a highly trained staff, and top of the line equipment, our batteries are built to be superior in safety and reliability. Utilizing cell-level fusing, our products meet the highest standards of safety available - we do not cut any corners.


    Our dedicated customer service team ensures you will always receive the quickest and most comprehensive service and support available for your battery. As the largest dedicated PEV battery manufacturer in the U.S.A., we offer the fastest delivery times, all over the globe.

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    We test all of our batteries thoroughly with comprehensive QC measures before shipping to prevent any DOA's or issues. We cannot offer a warranty on your OEM device as our battery is an aftermarket modification, all units are tested before shipping. Use of our battery will void your vehicles warranty with the OEM manufacturer.

    *This is a genuine ChiBatterySystem product. Use of brand names such as Onewheel, Super73, Evolve, ETC., are for purposes of identifying the application of this product and does not indicate any affiliation, endorsements, license or other association with the aforementioned product.