CBCSO - Controller Swapped Onewheel Batteries

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The CBCSO is our answer to the growing demand for DIY Onewheel solutions. Designed to fit into your existing XR enclosure, this battery serves those who are pushing their boards to new limits. Easy to pair with the controller of your choice!

The CBCSO is not compatible with your stock Onewheel controller!

Please allow a lead time of 4 weeks for CBCSO batteries.

General overview:

The CBCSO is the first dedicated battery solution for controller swapped Onewheels - shipping worldwide. You can expect:

  • Higher top speed
  • More performance
  • Increased efficiency

Smart BMS included for cell level and voltage monitoring. BMS rated for 35a cont., 100a peak. 15a max charge current, short circuit protection, and built-in thermistor.

Connector polarity is reversed so you can reuse the original harness. It will require a switch - as it is not built into battery. As these packs are not compatible with your stock Onewheel controller, they are also not compatible with the stock chargers. If you would like to have a charger included with your order, please select the “Add a Charger” option. 5 Amp chargers come with a female XLR port.  

There are two options for the CBCSO - 30Q and P28A. 30Q is best suited for range oriented builds and P28A is best suited for power oriented builds. 

Installation requires some modification of the stock Onewheel XR housing. Instructions provided. 


  • 72v
  • 6 Ah
  • 432 Wh