TORque Pack - VESC Onewheel Battery

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The TORque Pack is the official battery solution for the TORqueBOX! Perfect for building the VESC Onewheel of your dreams.

The Details:

  • 68.4V (19s 80V Configuration)
  • 581.4 Wh
  • 8.5 Ah
  • P42A 21700 Cells
  • Ennoid BMS connectors 
  • XT60
  • Cell Level Fusing

The TORqueBOX: 

The TORque Pack is made to work in tandem with the TORqueBOX - created by the joint forces of The Onewheel Rider's Workshop and BadgerWheel. The TORqueBOX is ultra durable with an insert-less aluminum lid, transparent for LEDs (no cutout required), and guaranteed water proof thanks to BadgerWheel! To learn more about the TORqueBOX and order, please visit BadgerWheel (United States) or The Onewheel Rider's Workshop (European Union). 

TORque Pack batteries are made to order and ship in around 2-3 weeks