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Now comes with external battery case! 

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Bring your own battery! This nifty little device lets you utilize your spare Onewheel battery as an on-the-go fast charging solution. Why let it sit around when you have an extra set of cells ready to help you on your next adventure! Free yourself from AC Outlets! BoardBank BYOB allows you charge anywhere.


The BoardBank BYOB allows you to charge and discharge your spare Onewheel battery. This can be the stock battery or even a CBXR. If you have a CBXR installed in your board, the BYOB can give you an additional 50% charge from a spare stock battery. Even if your spare battery has been degraded and seen a lot of cycles, it will still work with the BYOB.


  • Internal BMS which can safely charge, balance, and discharge any XR or Pint battery
  • Lightweight, compact and portable. Stores in any bag or backpack
  • High efficiency Energy Transfer (Over 90% efficient)
  • Durable all metal premium port for charging
  • Battery level display
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Anti Spark connectors
  • Solid Aluminum construction
  • Black Anodized Enclosure - BYOB hardware is based off of our original Boardbank which has been proven reliable for 2 years
  • Super high strand count silicone wire for high current situations
  • 6.6” x 5” x 2.2”
  • 2lbs

    How to use

    To charge the spare battery, plug in the XT60 and the balance lead cables from the battery into the BYOB. Then plug in your stock or fast charger into the BYOB. The display will indicate the charge level of the spare battery.

    To charge the Onewheel from a BYOB, all you need to do is plug your XT60 cable from the battery into the BYOB (balance lead not needed) and then plug the built in charging cable on the BYOB to the Onewheel. It is that simple!

    BoardBank BYOB Charge times

    Charging the external stock battery

    • Stock Onewheel XR Charger: will take about 2 hrs to recharge the external stock battery (XR)
    • XR Fast Charger (6 Amps): will take about 1 hr to recharge the external stock battery (XR)
    • XR Variable Rapid Charger (up to 8 Amps): can charge the external stock battery (XR) as quick as 45 minutes

    Charging speed options for the Boardbank BYOB - how fast your external battery will discharge into your Onewheel

    • 6 Amp BoardBank BYOB for the XR
    • 8 Amp BoradBank BYOB for the XR
    • 3 Amp BoardBank BYOB for the Pint

    Compatible batteries:

    Stock XR (and Pint), XXR, CBXR, CBXR Mini, CBSP, and Quart.

    Compatible chargers:

    All stock chargers for the XR and Pint.

    ChiBatterySystems Fast Chargers and Variable Rapid Chargers (for the XR and Pint)

    Using ANY Fast charger on your Onewheel WILL degrade your battery quicker. When traveling with your spare battery please ensure it is in a secure location in your bag so that the connectors are not damaged. Ensure that in the event of a fall, the spare battery will not be punctured by any items in your bag.