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Terms and Conditions


Returns will only be accepted if item is in brand new and unused. All returns are subject to approval. Returns are only valid within 30 days of purchase. Buyer assumes all return shipping costs. Funds will be refunded within 30 days after the product has been delivered to Chiboards headquarters. Returns will not be accepted if unit is damaged by shipping couriers or damaged by purchaser. 

Last edited 1/31/2018


All units come with a limited 1 year manufacture warranty.  The warranty does not include any items that can wear out or are known to need replacement occasionally such as, rocker switches, battery cells, heat shrink, etc.  This warranty does not cover any damage inflicted on the product by the rider.  Replacement parts will be sold for rider inflicted damage. If the damage is indeed manufacture related, Chiboards will either request the broken part to be detached from the unit and mailed to our headquarters for repair or Chiboards will send a replacement part along with directions on correct installation. The unit may also be shipped back to Chiboard at the purchasers expense for repair.  Warranty is only valid if product is purchased directly from 1 year limited warranty does not cover damage caused by the misuse of the board. Misuse includes submerging in water, impacts and improper flexing of the unit.  Warranty may be voided if buyer modifies the product without official Chiboards approval. Warranty is VOID if purchaser modifies or opens the unit up in any way such as removing the heat shrink, or changing connectors. 

Last edited 1/31/2018


Buyer assumes all costs of shipping, shipping cost will be added on at checkout. Shipping service is completed via UPS Ground Service which usually delivers within 3 weeks. Chiboards is not liable for damage caused to the product in shipping. Return shipping for service regarding non-manufacture related damage is to be paid for by the buyer. Local pick up is available upon request. 

Last edited 1/31/2018